The best electric scooter manufacturers

LEON has become one of the prominent electric scooter manufacturing companies in China. We are known for technologically advanced electric scooters that are safe to ride. Our scooters are eco-friendly models with a highly stylish look and quality finish.

Our passion for innovations has enabled us to design electric scooters that minimize pollution levels. Thus, our scooter can be your perfect travel partner. We have added fun to your daily commute with our electric mobility.

Electric scooters

Advantageous for several reasons

Foldable design

Riders can easily store the electric vehicle at any place after everyday use. It will not consume much space.

Diverse styles

Find a range of electric motorcycle that matches your preference.  However, our products look like a hybrid between standard scooter and motorcycle.


Make your side more comfortable by purchasing additional accessories from our site.


Riders can avoid paying for fuel and gas. As it is an electric model, you can use it with a battery.

Safe driving

The speed of our electric motorcycle is about 80km/h speed. Beginners will not be at risk.


The electric models are more cost-effective than normal motorcycles, and thus, our products will be within your budget.

Find lots of features in our electric scooters

High-quality batteries

Our long-lasting batteries for electric scooters can make your ride more enjoyable. A dead battery will not interfere with your journey.

Premium brakes

We are highly concerned about your safety, and that’s why we have integrated the most effective and functional brakes. Some of our scooters have 2 braking systems.


As our scooters have powerful motors, we have installed controllers in them. The motor receives power due to the speed controllers.

Durable deck

You can find the quality finish and rubberized structure of the deck. Thus, you will feel better traction when your feet are on the deck. Place your feet comfortably on this deck.


They are fitted with controls like brakes, accelerators, and power buttons. We have designed these handlebars carefully.

Check our inventory

You can find a range of electric scooter models on our website. Learn about the technical details and features of these scooters and pick the right ones.

Call our team

After choosing the scooter models, you can send an email to our team. We will communicate with you for the final deal.

Negotiate the price

Based on your order size and scooter details, we will give you the estimate. Thus, you can buy electric scooters within your budget. We are ready to negotiate the price.

Package and transport

We are highly careful while packaging your electric scooters. There will be no scratches and damages to the parts during the shipping process.


The motor receives the battery power and turns the wheels as you hit the level. In this way, the motor produces the wheel movement, and you can drive the scooter forward. There is no way of reversing the direction of the scooter. Some electric scooters have multiple brakes for slowing down and stopping the system.

There are motors installed in the deck, and they are connected to the wheels through chains and gears. Electric scooters have DC motors available in 2 versions- brushless and brushed.


Brushed motors turn out power by electromagnets. While one set of electromagnets is cylindrical, another includes a smaller magnet. However, the inverse brushed motors and brushless motors work almost in a similar way.

Identify the type of motors that your electric scooters have. The brushed ones with regenerating braking capabilities need more maintenance.

Electric scooter wheels are of 2 types- air-filled and solid. But, the air-filled ones are highly popular in the market. One advantage of solid wheels is that they do not get punctured easily. However, you will have a bumpy and shaky ride with these scooters.

Although air-filled ones may become flat tires, they ensure a comfortable ride. Scooters with these tires may not have suspenders. Moreover, rubbers used for air-filled tires are not much slippery.

It is easy to operate your electric scooter-

  • Ensure that the scooter has the safety equipment.
  • The scooter battery needs to be charged.
  • Start riding the scooter in slow mode.
  • One foot should be on the deck, while the other one is to start the scooter by hitting the throttle button.
  • Continue pressing this throttle to increase the speed.
  • Lean forward slightly and turn the handlebar.
  • Hit the braking system to stop the scooter.

Yes. We use the most reliable technology to design every scooter. Our quality scooters have smooth performance due to their good motor power. So, to invest in the best quality electric scooter, you can Citycoco. You can consult our team to learn more about our electric scooter technologies.

You can find our scooters fast and efficiently. So, daily commuters can easily use them. But, these scooters are perfect for traveling a distance of up to 8 miles.

Electric scooters are safe for environments, as they do not emit greenhouse gas. Moreover, we try to use reused and recycled materials to design the structure of electric scooters. The batteries do not cause pollution. Thus, you can save the environment by using electric scooters for your everyday needs.

Integrated with taillights and headlights, the Citycoco electric scooter is safe for nighttime rides. You may also ask our team to add some lights to the deck. Still, riders can put on a fluorescent vest while riding at night. They will easily be visible to others on the highway.

In most regions, electric scooters are street legal. However, in a few places in the world, laws have prohibited them on public roads. The average speed limit is 15 to 25km/h. You can also check the rules regarding the minimum age to ride these scooters.

Our Citycoco electric scooter does not take more than 5 hours to charge. The powerful models may take slightly more time to charge. You can speak to our team to know more details about the battery.

Do not let your battery gets 100% discharged. When your battery energy level has reached 30%, you need to plug in your charger. Daily charging is essential for regular use.

A quality brake that looks like the disc brake is essential to ensure your safety. Brakes can slow down the electric scooter.

Electric scooter braking systems are 2 types- electronic and mechanical.

Mechanical brakes have a physical mechanism, and they include discs, foot brakes, and drums.

Electronic brakes rely on the motor and comprise a regenerative braking system.

Some scooters have both mechanical and electronic braking systems.

With a waterproof cover, you can save your scooter from water. Moreover, you may close the gaps present in your scooter’s deck. Other useful items for waterproofing are o-rings for non-sealed screws, silicone, and mudguards. We can guide you to making the scooter waterproof.

Although riders can move the scooters uphill, it may be a challenging task. However, the climbing angle, the weight of riders, the grip of tires, and several other factors can make a difference.

Electric scooters that have a suspension are best for moving uphill easily. While climbing a hill, the rider’s body puts more strain on the back wheels. A suspension ensures that the pressure on the back is not transferred to the scooter’s wheels. 

While operating electric scooters during rainfall, the rider must identify how water affects electric parts. Low-grade scooters cannot endure the splash of water. It is true that the wet surface reduces the electric scooter’s traction. With advanced technologies, we try to ensure the good performance of your scooter on rainy days.

Still, it is better to avoid riding the scooter in low visibility and in the rain. Due to heavy rainfall, visibility gets reduced. Riders must avoid conditions like deep puddles, overflowing rivers, flash floods. Also, these conditions will make the scooter inoperable. Riders should not submerge electric scooters in water.

Find proper storage tips for electric scooters-

  • A dry room with a normal temperature can be the best place for electric scooter storage.
  • Recharge the battery once every month. Do not get it 100% discharged.
  • Riders must clean the scooter before storing it.
  • Make sure that the scooter is locked, folded, and turned off.
  • A waterproof cover is best after the removal of the original package.

A standard electric scooter has a capacity of carrying 265 lbs. But, some models can bear up to 330lbs. While checking the technical details of the scooter, you can identify this capacity.

Aluminum frames are common in electric scooters. However, there is also carbon fiber used for the frames. Materials chosen for electric scooter motors are steel, copper, and some metals. Silicone, plastic, rubber, and other materials are used for different parts of an electric scooter.

Our electric scooters are foldable and portable. But, some heavier models do not have a folding mechanism. The popular scooter designs include a latch that enables you to fold the structure and attach it to the deck. The foldable models do not consume much space. There are also scooters with foldable handlebars useful for reducing the overall volume.

As you have learned about the major features, it is essential to know the optional ones. For instance, seats are one of the additions for customizing your scooter. They are removable seats designed to give comfort.

Moreover, you may ask our team to add a basket to the front side of the mini electric scooter. Riders may put some stuff into the basket. Let us know your needs and personalize the bikes with these optional features.

Lights can drain the energy of the scooter battery. But, it is always safe to integrate an LED headlight into the scooter. Some models have a tail light activated when braking. You may also find LEDs on the side of the scooter.

The scooter handlebars refer to the steering wheel needed to alter the direction. Some scooters have an adjustable handlebar, as the height of every rider is different.

The edges of the steering wheel may also have a cover for holding them. It is made of silicon and rubber to prevent riders from feeling slippery.

In most cases, the brake lever is on the left, and the throttle button is on the right. You can find a screen at the central part of the handlebar.

The length of the deck surface can be about 40cm, while the width ranges from 10 to 20 cm or more. The dimension is important to ensure stability and comfort. Especially, taller riders must check the deck size.

Decks are also responsible for providing better traction. We use rubber bumps for the decks.